Day 1

17:00 First Presentation Several students, Niko,Mikko & Elina were thinking around handwriting and having some kind of handwritten look. Ideas included some ligature solution, samples that were automatically converted. Another popular approach was around 'mistakes'(Mikko and Elina). Robots make mistakes (don't we?). One idea was to include foreign looks depending on the mistakes made. A degenerating font was Antti's idea, the longer you (ab)use it the worse it gets. Ulla was thinking of solving (or creating) a problem with a labyrinth. Getting out of it would solve her problem (that she created!) Ville wanted a typeface that would censor text, 'bad' words would be blurry and less visible. Jurrian too linked the content to the typeface. Rasmus would create a typeface allowing the text to read itself, the max in automation! Suzan was looking at automatic bodyfunctions and a universal approach to character sounds (phonetics?). Riku saw something in good and bad. Elisenda and Britt were thinking about the good and the bad of automation: time is money, no feelings, anonymous, superficial, the economic aspects and maybe the philosophical aspects. And Hannele???