This is it, Presentation Day!!

Everyone has to have their PDF ready at 12 o'clock!! The deadline is getting closer...
We will keep you updated.


The Lahti Automation workshop is over!

In short, the workshop participants spent one week learning FontLab and designing an "automation" font. Halfway this week they started working in teams on the best four font-ideas. Team work had its difficulties: some people preferred individual work and the GlyphGhost software that allowed networking in FontLab had a hard time getting up and running. That's something to work on next time!

The next week the participants used DrawBot as a design tool. DrawBot has the same functionality as Illustrator and InDesign, to mention two, but with programming code. DrawBot has a very simple set of commands, everybody got along nicely (keep it up guys!). At the same time, DrawBot's core is Python-powered so even experienced programmers can have a fun time with the program (awesome code Mikko!). The task was to create a book that was 724 pages thick, which is one page more than the FontLab manual (eat that, evil FontLab manual!).

The final day all of the participants had their work presented on big screen; we saw a lot of nice results to say the least. To round it up: the two intensive weeks of the Automation workshop were all about type, teamwork, design and programming, and given the time, the results were beyond the boundaries of space, time, human imagination, the multiverse and/or visibility! Well how about that!

Below are the final results of the workshop, you can of course try out DrawBot yourself, download a version at

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