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By Mellie and Gabriele


Chocolate, length of life, amount of artists, chocolate, rate of TV actors, chocolate, artist and chocolate.... At first, we have a lot of ideas, then we get confused and finally... 

After a long long time our data visualization will underline how many famous artists there are by country. The main purpose is to show which country is the most creative or artistic.

For that, we have chosen 4 different art categories : literature, theater, music and visual art.  These categories will be represented in a kind of square, because of its 4 sides. 1 sides for 1 categories. 

More the line is long, more there are artists in this city.
Each country will be symbolized by a color.

In the middle of the shape, another smaller square will show the most creative country. That is to say : If the lines crosses the square, it will mean that the country is super creative !