Design Brief (old)

By Cvijeta Miljak — 

Letters in the wind


I would like to utilize this workshop to create certain elements that are needed for my final MA thesis artistic research production Marina’s Garden.

Marina’s Garden
is a meditative audiovisual installation based partly on the biographies of the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva and her daughter Ariadna Efron and partly on a fictional story, as well as on actual correspondence between Tsvetaeva and the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke from the summer of 1926. It is built up of two simultaneous video projections, multi vocal audio space and an interactive interface.

Dialogue between two lovers, poets, is carried through a forest in the wind as mist and leaves might be. As the character of their relationship changes, the wind changes as well – from a gentle breeze to a storm. Words have an insubstantial dreamlike feeling about them, like the breath of the poets.

To develop a tool that will automate the process of creating animations of text, which will later be used as a part of a moving image visual narrative (most likely as one of the layers in the composition)


Input of any text
Text attributes
Animation algorithm subject to change by defined parameters (wind attributes)

A digital NodeBox-written tool for creating animations
QuickTime animations

Mac OS X, NodeBox, zero budget