Actually Useful, 14-18 March 2016.

Ooh, shiny! Everyday we see a lot of new apps, sites and tech pop up. We constantly interact with technology: checking Facebook a zillion times a day, wasting time on YouTube, playing online games. But it looks so far off. Surely all these things are created by other people.

Not anymore. This masterclass teaches you the skills to be a maker with technology, turning you from a passive consumer of technology into an active producer. We focus on learning how to actually use the technologies that make up the internet instead of just being exposed to them.

This masterclass consists of two parts: a one-week, super-intensive work- shop that teaches five different skills in five days. Each day focuses on a different aspect: print, type, web, audio and video. At the end of each day, we will have learned a new technology and created something useful with it. It will be a whirlwind tour, a walking dinner of different techniques and technologies.

The second part is a series of follow-up lessons that allow you to expand and fine-tune the prototypes you've created, or apply the techniques on your own master project.

This masterclass requires no programming skills. All the tools we'll use are freely available and open source.

Day 1: HTML / CSS

Day 2: JavaScript / Video

Day 3: Web Audio

Day 4: Typography (with NodeBox Live)

Day 5: p5.js / PHP