My brief Sign Abstractor

By Jonatan Hildén — 


I am working on an identity project where a set of changing logotypes will be used. The concept is an exploration of the visual qualities of basic letters, and a test of the limits of recognizeability of lettershapes. For this purpose a system for generating a variety of different lettershapes with a similar structure consisting of lines and alternating fills should be created.


The system should generate lettershapes with increasing degrees of divergence from original forms of an alphabet of simple geometric letters, anchored to a grid. Ideally the steps would be iterative, so that the transformations can form a continuous animation with related shapes. However, the strength of the process should be controllable so that the shapes don't become unrecognizable after just a few iterations. Also, the shapes should retain their self-similar characteristics, no matter how many iterations the process goes through.


The poster will be a presentation of the shape transformation of an array of letters, which shows differing results of the morphing process.