3 briefs

By Otto Donner — 

At this point I have 3 alternatives for the brief:


1. "Amounts"


A tool for visualising statistics, given numbers draw different color dots. Links to online database to retrieve numbers. Automatically generates legend. Images change in real time.

The idea is to make numbers in statistics more tangible, to actually see the statistics. 


easy enough to program, the only difficulty is how to make sure the dots don't touch each other or overlap. 


This might be the only one of the 3 in which the end-result will actually be a poster.




for inspiration on real-time statistics, check:





2. "Forest"


A tree simulation that grows differently depending on variations in a given source.

Could for example be linked to a weather service and grow faster on rainy days. 


If possible it would be nicer to link it to either the gain of a microphone or to activity on the iSight camera. – The more you scream and wave your hands, the faster the trees grow. I know that this can be done in actionscript, but I don't know if it's possible here.




3. Contrastpath


Similar to Fatpath, only it changes the typographic contrast instead of just the letter's thickness.  Difficult because typographic contrast is always based on on optical values rather than measurements.


Probably quite impossible to realise.



Gerrit Nordzij: The Stroke of the Pen