the brief.

By Veronika Schmidt — 

The project title 'Ornament is not a crime' is referring to the essay 'Ornament and Crime' /Ornament und Verbrechen' (1908) by the Austrian architect Adolf Loos.
He was completely against the Art Nouveau movement which had its height in 1900. Influences during that time came also from the Arts and Crafts movement and later: 'Bauhaus'.
For Loos the evolution of culture is synonymous with the removal of ornamentation from objects of everyday use.
Ornament is a waste of manpower and therefore a waste of health. Furthermore waste of material which means waste of capital. He claims that the modern people, the modern people with modern nerves, don't need the ornament, they detest it.

Thinking about nowadays, the trend of decorative elements came back some while ago.-the history loops.

The task is to visualize a form of modern ornamentic in its extreme. It should be questioned how far ornamentation goes and how it can look in the year 2008. 
What is possible? Organic elements in endless multiplication. 
Digital solutions allow to create fast, richly decorated elements. It's not anymore about waste of manpower or money, it's all about its visual appeal.
The final presentation piece will be a poster on the topic. Main program to use is Nodebox.