By Pablo Ferreiro — 

After thinking of all the possibilities that nodebox offers, I came to the conclussion that one of its most useful features is to create really complex diagrams in short periods of time. Basically, I thought about a project that would normally take several hours to create, but if executed in nodebox, would generate the same result, if not better, in a significantly shorter amount of time. The initial brief that I "imaginged" was a project in which I would create some expressive and evocative illustrations. The sollution would be to create a "Pollock Generator" of sorts, that would allow you to create infinite and "random" expressionist paintings with just one click...


But, after playing with the Pollock Generator v.1.0 that was already done...

I decided to change the brief :(


I had to create something different, and, after hours and hours of manipulating the program, I thought about the possibilitie of creating a "Kalleidoscope Generator". A sort of animation or image creator that makes hundreds of geometric images. We are creating something digital from a physical effect, something that you can create and manipulate with your hands, but turning it into something automatic, and computer-generated. Though we would remove the children's toy fact, we are managing the way of taking images out of this generator, by using nodebox, something impossible in the analog toy..

My final sollution is an animation that plays with random sized and colored stars, that spins all over the screen and creates some kind of kalleidoscope illusions.