Collage Chaos

By Eva Neesemann — 


In this day and age everyone wants to be a designer. But what does it indeed take to be one? It seems that the line between true design and amateur has become quite fuzzy.
One style that is very popular at the moment is the silhouette collage style as demonstrated by Ryan McGuiness. He has beautiful designs made from very simple elements. But what makes his design unique? Could it be easily replicated? What does it take to have a true unique style?


To see whether the collage style can possibly be achieved by computer generation but including actual input by the random person. To test the boundaries of what is indeed true design and how far a “non” designer can go. To see what makes a piece actually individual.


Create a system in which a person can make a collage by uploading a few elements, choosing a color palette, and letting the computer do the rest. Computer will have some set imagery/shapes that it can use and possibly access to certain image/text databases depending on what is entered into the system.