Brief: The Visual Oracle

By Jenni Juntunen — 

There was an article in Helsingin Sanomat by a writer and a humanist Jarkko Tontti, in the end of the year 2007. It's his review of the past year. In one chapter he writes about religion and points out that in Finland 2,1 million of people believes in astrology.

Seems like we really read with passion the daily horoscope and ask a modern prophet for guidance. Might be bad for common sense to make good decisions, and hopefully most of us use it only for entertaining.

My first touch to an oracle happened in the Internet. You can ask from the computer programmed prophet (Ask the Oracle of Delphi) any question you have been pondering, and then the program gives you an answer of its own. It's for fun and simple to use.

Belief and superstition can have a great influence on people, and so does visual image. Both can effect a powerful experience. So the actual brief could be to create an oracle which answers by generating a visualization instead of written text or spoken language. Use of colors and movement can stimulate the nature of the answer. Make a 70 x 100 poster from the result.