Poster Brief Muyanja Michael

By Michael Muyanja — 

Poster Brief


My brief will be done in a way that reflects a simple creative process of making a poster. The idea will come from an Art Exhibition to be done at TAIK in August 2008.


The background of the project is inspired from the previous paintings that I did after Graduating.


I intend to make the poster in the simplest way possible and emphasis shall be on color limitations and the text shall be briefly written in English. Many people don’t use English.


In a given size, I intend to use one of my paintings as the Illustration/Image, being a painting it may require more colour than any other areas of the poster,


A poster design in not more that two colors advertising an exhibition by Muyanja Michael at TAIK, 5th Floor on 5th-8 August 2008.


It will be designed in two dimensions to fit the available spaces, the intended reason is easy Display and every one should be able to read the message.


The Poster is needed before the exhibition for every one should get informed about the painting exhibition.


No budget is suggested yet.


And project assistants shall give the final word.