The Brief

By Lucas Nijs — 

As a graphic designer you are part of the visual communication process.
The briefing contains the content requirements of the message that the sender (a person, a company, an institute) wants to transfer to the target group: the receiver (a person, a specific demographic group etc.).
The graphic designer starts with this briefing a creative process that consists of three parts: the analytical phase, the creative phase and the creative production phase. This is a dynamic process with only one rule: it always starts with the analytical phase whether the designer/artist wants it or not.
This results in "a design product".
This product gets reproduced in the reproduction phase (prepress, photography, video etc)

Make an analysis of this design product. What aspects, elements are needed to have a design product? What elements does it consist of?

The constraint: it has to be a verbal description.

This analysis will be used during your design process of a poster.


Since the briefing contains the content requirements:

Make your own ideal briefing.

The 3 constraints you need to follow:

1: it has to be a poster (format to be agreed upon later but ASAP)

2: it has to be produced with NodeBox

3: you have to make a semantic graph of your design, covering all aspects of the design product