Poster elements

By Mikko Mutanen — 

Last night in my dream, I saw the final layout and the elements for my information graphics Kanji poster. Chinese mountains included.


## poster elements, in order of importance: 
#    1. GRAPH: steps in the heisig method
#    2. GRAPH: lessons 1 and 2, connected together
#    3. Individual Kanji icons below the keywords in the lesson graph!
#    4. Module: individual kanji visualization path (the steps, applied)
#    5. poster title : ('visualizing the Kanji keywords and the Heisig method')
#    6. GRAPH: lesson length graph (with slots for progress markings)
#    7. Illustration: chinese mountains and fog
#    8. nodebox generated background graph
Almost ready for starting production now. But I still need the Method graph done, and one big missing element is the individual Kanji visualization ... with the steps scripted in NodeBox.