The brief 2.0

By Annukka Saikkonen — 

Think about something in which you see great beauty. Why is it so fascinating? Explain that with a poster.




Thinking about a question is hard if you know that you'll have to answer it. That's why my first attempt to make a brief failed as I defined the solution instead of the task.


The brief for the brief was basically "Do whatever you want and have fun". Panic. "What should I do?". Wrong question. I could do anything. As I scanned throught the gallery in the NoteBox site to find inspiration, some pics made me think snowcrystals and their geometrical construction. That's the point when I decided I could make a snowflake generator.


But why? I took a few steps backwards and tried to explain what had happened in my mind before the idea of producing snowflakes was born. The only reason I found is that I just like snowflakes a lot. I've been interested in them for a long time. This is the thinking I made into my brief: choosing a topic I am fascinated about - and then again asking why.


The explanation will follow. This is the brief only.