The process

By Annukka Saikkonen — 

I haven't been keeping a very good track of my process, because I hate processing. It's painful almost all the time except at the very end. But I'll try anyway though this is a bit afterwards-produced.


The basic idea for the poster has stayed quite the same from the beginning: a poster with a little text (the message) and snowflakes as illustrations (see the scetch). Besides learning NodeBox I've been trying to come up with a good slogan or tagline for the text. To answer the question in my brief, in other words.


Well, I found too many aspects...

° Mathematical symmetry because of the water molecules

° Useless beauty. You don't usually see single crystals, only snow. 

° Useless diversity. Snowflakes are a bit like butterflies, but you can think of a reason why butterflies look what they look like. Is there one for snowflakes?

° Transiency. That makes snowflakes into a metaphor for moments.


But they all seemed to be such big clichés. Then I tried to combine them but found myself in a dead-end. Math to play with? Nothing sounded right. Luckily I happened to have a great discussion with Cvijeta who gave me good feedback and some totally new viewpoints. I had concentrated in words and language and forgotten to think visually (A picture worth of thousand words, I know...). Cvijeta proposed that I could make the poster by embossing the illustartions instead of printing. A wonderful idea, that gave me a brand new visual idea. See the scetches on next posts.