Script progress screenshot - wed 17.1.

By Mikko Mutanen — 

On wednesday, in full production mode.

Writing the step script to visualize one kanji. It takes all my nodebox skills to finish.



Part of my event diary: 




japanese keyword - done - 12.08

show unicode kanji character in the centre (left) - 12:30 ok

Move on to Step 2 ... kanji primitives

16:00 ok - externalize the script (do this carefully, can be tested locally: avoids the compiler trouble!

17:00 ok - primitive hyponyms as a wordnet graph

    17.15 ok -  2.6 explode wordnet hyponyms for keyword  

print color impressions for the elements? (more advanced in the next step)

18.50 STEP TWO complete

19.41 tweaked the primitives and keyword: now Ocean, Water, Sheep .. unforeseen problem with verb/noun id in the master script :(

... going home for food.


key instruction: 

'now ... visualize your own story ..'

    OK - 11.42# download a flicker image for the kanji .. more emotional

    OK - 11.52 # download flickr images for the primitives