The Workshop poster

By Niina Turtola — 

The idea for the poster came from the large number of photographs I took during the workshop I actually participated in Windhoek in October. I wanted to use the photographs as a starting point. At the same time I wanted to bring in a new and fresh approach for a local (Namibian) traditional crafts. Random is a word I would describe my implementation idea for the poster. I wanted to make a "Poster Generator" that makes a new kind of poster everytime. 

The root idea was to choose a square shaped area of each of the photographs for the poster in a random manner. Random means experimental and abstract. I wanted to have a bit of a new approach to manual crafts. You need to get close to see what is happening in the photographs. At an ultimate and the most preferable situation, there will be several posters presented in co-existance. The photographs will only tell a short story but with several posters seen at the same time they tell a long story. 

The texts are rotated to emphasize motion. Texts I spesified different sizes and colors for the fonts to vary in, so the randomness is controlled still.

The only tool used in designing and producing the poster should be Nodebox.