Back with Nodebox

By Jonatan Hildén — 

After the initial confusion of waking up at 6.20 and arriving in Lahti not exactly knowing where to head the workshop is starting to look promising. The new version of Nodebox seems cool: especially the increase in speed, and that the graphical output now also can be directly manipulated feel like interesting changes!

Then, ideas. Of the several small experiments I’ve been toying around with, none have much in the way of content. It would be interesting to try out something data-based rather than purely visual, but on the other hand it is more than useful to learn different ways of working with programming. See the video clip: playing around with supershapes, animation and color using classes. 

When it comes to content I’m right now totally fascinated by the stuff Philip Ball is writing about in his book Critical Mass. Statistical physics, modelling of large groups of independent agents, emergence… I would really like to do something using a model with interacting agents using some simple rules.