Day 1: A start

By Hannu Aarniala — 

Oh boy… Here we are again. These crazy guys from FUTURE!!!1/belgium bring a message of nodebox to us. But this time, it’s personal….

I dropped out from this workshop last time this was held in Lahti, which I deeply regretted. So now I’m here to make it up… I guess.

Again things look very promising, exciting, complicated and frightening. The things you can do with nodebox blow my mind but at the same time lift the bar of design really high. And I have a bad habit of trying too much. But, this time I am focused on restraining myself from falling into desperation. And also, the new features in nodebox interface should make the designing more easy and fun.

Frederik demoed the new interface to us a bit. It will be more close your “normal” mac-user friendly WYSIWYG enviroments (me thinks): You can see and edit the “nodes” or blocks of code more in real time. Tomorrow apparently we get try the new UI ourselves, which I’m really exicted to do :)