Day 2: Nodeboxing and still no clue

By Hannu Aarniala — 

Eep: day two of Nodeboxing, still no concrete ideas what to do/code, and we should present some of our ideas soon.

Today we spent most of the day learning the basics of Nodeboxing. Oh boy. Maybe the coding bit will be even harder and more time consuming as I thought. While coding today, I noticed that I had forgotten a lot and it still took me some time to even code some of the basic stuff. So it would probably be a good idea to know what to do at this point, because the coding while most definately take a while.

But what to do?! Well…

Basically I have two ideas at this point, that could amount to something:

1) Conspiracier - a small Nodebox app that makes every text seem to fit in great consipracy theories. Input normal text – output text will look make conspiracy theorist jump in the air with exciment (god this sounds boring as I’m writing it).

OR it could do the same with images.

2) Infinite improbability design drive after the one in Douglas Adam’s books only this would try to make great design by the most improbable way. Eg. Win a design competition with only using comic sans.

To be continued…