Is this a concept?

By Kari Ojapelto — 

We are objects, we move randomly, we meet people by accident. We have common interests, we communicate with each other. We start our moving e.g. from home. We meet people at work, in the city, on the bus or train. In those places not by coincidence. We move in a certain area, using different random paths at random time but usually by purpose.

What about limited amount of different objects (creatures) with individual character. They are moving in a limited area, landscape, starting from “home” going to work, shopping etc and then going back “home”. Creatures are able to see each other and can notice similarity in behaving or familiar forms and shapes. When the “friend” criteria is completed, we meet somebody coincidentally. Then we stop, communicate (affect on  surroundings), perhaps change our behavior.

It could be so that by coincidence creatures are not meeting anybody during the day. But if they meet “interesting” people they might communicate. Like in a real or Second life. Creatures have certain parameters like man, woman, name, outlook, hobby, interests, visual values.

When meeting happens it changes behaviour and overall parameters. Perhaps every meeting changes environment visually permanently. 

Today we created some codes with Nodebox. Just getting used with coding, not getting attention on visual values. All the results were less or more looking like accidents or coincidences. To master the code that you’re able to make what you want, will take a lot of time. Fortunately we’re able to use the program after the workshop…