3rd day.

By Juhani — 







Starting from a list of 5 images (representing the "platonic solids"), 4 images are chosen at a time and placed in a 2 x 2 grid. The grid is saved as a new image and becomes a part of the image list. The next (random) choice of 4 images is from a list of 6 images, again saved as a new image and made a part of the image list and so forth...An increasing number of 2 x 2 grids inside 2 x 2 grids start appearing. At the same time the possibility of seeing one or more of the original images remains, only decreasing in probability. The resolution of the images obviously also decreases, resulting in an increasing amount of grey noise.

This reminded me of placing two mirrors opposite each other and putting your head inbetween them. Lucas mentioned food packaging design that references the product itself in the cover, which instantly creates an infinite loop of images. The infinite depth of the self-referencing images is difficult to present visually: as the process develops, distance between the big and the small increases in absurd amounts, eventually resulting in images that are either too big or too small to see.