Day 3: Some creations

By Hannu Aarniala — 

Today was an intense day of Nodeboxing. We were sometimes so knee-deep into the code that I had a hard time of keeping my head above the surface. And I think we will only dig deeper in the following days.

Anyways, some things I came up with:



Above: Getting to know the path command and applying Comic Sans for wows. I also made a video out of this which could be interpreted as an 'from shit design to hit design' time lapse movie. Can you spot the point where comic sans turns into greatness? This has a lot of random parameters, so it has something to do with the theme of workshop and the idea from yesterday of creating improbable but nice designs. Or maybe not.

Below: Trying out the Colors library, applying lists with some grids in for-loops. The colours on the grids are picked from the background image with choice() command.




The Colors library seems like an powerful and interesting tool, full of potential. I really want to dig into the possibilities more deeper and I will probably use it in my final work for the workshop somehow.