Internets abstinence: links & LOLs!

By Jonatan Hildén — 

For some reason the ‘nets became unavailable for me today. The bureaucracy with Lahti’s Wlan can drive one slightly crazy. Bah! So I had to wait until now to post some interesting linkey stuff that has been bumbling about in my head.

Jonathan Puckey has made some rather fascinating things, especially the Delauney raster and Skycatcher wallpaper. He also has contributed to the scriptographer plugin, that puts some Nodebox-ish scripts inside illustrator.

A british artist who calls himself defetto has some neat generative music visualisations. They are rather like sketches, so therefore quite interesting to see.

Universal Everything have made tons of neat generative stuff, etc. Inspiring – check for instance the generated “lovebytes” critters.

Download-finished is a surreal project where torrent films are distorted by plucking out keyframes so that the so-called alpha- or inbetween frames get messed up. I would love to be able to do this in a controlled fashion! Uncontrolled goes like this:

The clip is the Betty Boop short “Minnie the Moocher”, found on and subjected to some manual messing-up in photoshop using the raw-converter.

On talking of language, coincidence, and the influence of texts on hearing, this lovely video by the New York -based group The Books sprung to mind.

Rather unrelated, but too sweet not to show is the Bjørn Svin video “Modular Noia”. I have no idea whether this is manually done or created with programming.

Now for something somewhat different: strictly humour!

The Amazing Predator and Robocop Raps (lol)

And not to forget. The cream of crackpotness, the weirdest of webdesign, the epitome of inanity… [Drum roll ]

The finnish Jedi Academy website!

Sure, it might be an art project, but there seem to be evidence to the contrary… Note the backwards-loading “bnb images”!