WORDanizer the FIRST

By Benoit Maharaux — 

I found my way///////////////////////////////////////////////////////

So now I will tell you my thinking.

When I arrived Finland, I don’t know what kind of things It could be happen for myself.

I thought I can succeed in making me understand.

But the things happen by an other side. In France, my english is good for french people.

Here,it’s catastrophic. My prononciation is so bad. My throat becomes thigt.

My ears are in fire. I would like to sleep for one

non-stop week. The understanding demand lots of efforts. 

I want to understand everybody says all over the world.

I dreamed, everybody speaks the same language what I can understand.

But it’s a weird thinking. It’s absurd.

Like the esperanto created by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof 

This kind of language can’t be real obviously.

I think, It’s a great idea to link people but It’s absurd.

So I would like to create a new tongue, an absurd tongue.

Maybe by nodebox I can make new words with new meanings like dictionnary.

But to begin, I must to reduce the field for create new word with new meanings,

with english rules (for understanding)


The program can be like this:


You have All the letters in occidental alphabet diplayed

you put the letters what you have choosed in the field 

and skake it…

You have your new word

After this It can create a new meanings.

This program could be interesting to discover  new word in this international language after using.

At the reverse of the Academician who decides if a new word oral used  can be  in the  dictionary


It might be a widget for exchange students.




Ubu roi

Klingon Language Institute

Qui apprend une nouvelle langue acquiert une nouvelle âme





if  it is not clear ask me please