5th day, get the picture?

By Kari Ojapelto — 

Nodebox is showing its power. The more you understand the code the more you want to use the program and explore. Combining things, objects and ideas is still…let’s say hard. Need to exercise and analyse examples, and code.


Movement, coincidental meetings, affections etc. is getting a form. Moving creatures are written names. But they have certain parameters like sexgender, profession, hobbies etc. When starting the movement the environment as a background (rectangular) could be a random picture from urban living, a city landsscape and so on. Movement changes background image in some way, I don’t know yet how.piirros

Moving itself is not so interesting. But for sure the coincitental meeting has to affect to the overall image somehow.

So when man+woman and desired parameters meet, a new citicen is born leaving behind a picture. The picture is a combination of meeting parameters and retrieved from web-based picture gallery. A couple of examples (made with nodebox):

vaihtuvakuvapohja vaihtuvakuvapohja2

Pictures are filling the landscape and new citicens are meeting each other so the amount of pictures is growing sooner and sooner. Which hoopefully makes the environmet visually interesting.

Today we learnt to animate. So I have some sort of basics to start thinking about the movement.

I’m worried if the result is interestin enough. We’ll see after nex week…