Day 4.5: More (only) fun stuff

By Hannu Aarniala — 

Inspired by Jonatan’s late evening post: Rotoscope videos that were discussed at coffee break on thursday:

The “Dancefloor Dale” music video that I tried desperately to explain (not in youtube because it apparently keeps getting banned).

The Diesel XXX “Work safe porn” campaign:

For the balance, not so porny things that have been done by rotoscoping: Richard Linklater is a film director that has used rotoscoping recently in his films. “A Scanner Darkly” is the more recent one starring Keanu Reeves but not as interesting than the older, “Waking life” that takes place entirely in a person’s lucid dream. What I think is crazy is that they didn’t use a computer to generate the black ink lines of the characters but painted them by hand to every frame. In a documentary about A Scanner Darkly, it said that they had almost double the amount of time for production compared to “normal” films: first they shot the scenes with live actors on set as you would in any movie, then they used the same amount time (if not more) for rotoscoping the scenes.

Here’s a clip from Waking life:

Sigh According to the blog, it seems today was efficiently used as I’ve mostly posted youtube links.

Well, a new day brings new discoveries. Thank you and good night.