Day 5: Sound visualisation (links) and the possibilies of NodeBox

By Hannu Aarniala — 

Frederik showed us today things you can do with the OSC library plugged into NodeBox: Way cool and advanced stuff. Out of my skill league. No way I can handle that stuff in time to use for my workshop projects. Was really interesting, thought. Amazing to know what you could do with just a few open source programs and the NodeBox. Eg. visiualization control with a Wii remote, sound, pen tablet, Nintendo DS… sky’s the limit. Meanwhile I’ll return to trying to input commands like rect() correctly.

Some related links:

1) Johnny Chung Lee is a guy for the epic win, who thought up some really innovative ways for using the wii remote to control things on your computer. His findings are avaible as open source. So basically, with a few relatively cheap components and some effort, everyone can try these things out.

Something like this could (in theory) be used also for NodeBox, I guess:

2) Sound and energy (sonido y energia) is a project by Santiago Ortiz that has to do with sound visualisation and interaction. Really neato stuff, that I imagine could also be done by using NodeBox.