Day 6: Texting, texting, 1, 2, 3

By Hannu Aarniala — 

Following the list I made yesterday, some tryouts with text, variables, lists and the choice command:


(The in the NodeBox examples was of great help)

Here’s a vid

Blech… I’m really starting to have doubts about my Idea. After seeing what Juhani and others have made, I feel that my stuff looks really uninteresting. I fear, that I have to do A LOT of work before my concept really starts to look interesting at all. And maybe not even then. Sigh well just have to keep on swimming. I really don’t have time at this point to contemplate things too much. Though theoretically, if I just figure out a quick way to make something relevant and exciting visually by python, the NodeBox can do it for me in few seconds. Theoretically that is.