Day 7: Drawings

By Taina — 

dd_coincidence-doodlin-1dd_coincidence-teksti-1dd_coincidence-doodlin1-1Above, there are some doodles from the first couple of days of the workshop, and below more recent ones. I draw and write into my notebook a lot but haven’t scanned everything, so here are some things.




“I found you and I killed you” came from the music video we watched yesterday. The beautiful and inspiring animation Molten Light by Chad VanGaalen made me laugh. I watched more of his animations and showed them to a friend who reminded me of MUTO, an a amazing wall-painted animation by Blu. I’d love to make something similar someday. My two-dimensional drawings easily become animations in my mind but I need to think about how to present them as images so that the teachers can help me with the code.