Heading to the target

By Kari Ojapelto — 

Meeting again. The new NodeBox is very powerful, but I’m not able to use it alone to produce my coincidence-project. So back to the good-old-nodebox. The reason is: you’re not able to do animations in the new NB. My concept is meeting and to describe somehow it needs some movement in a way or another.

To reach the target I need to set all the parameters technically. Then it’s time to concentrate on artistic side, to make things working visually.

Some parameters:

1) Creature=ant and its features like size, shape, colour, behaviour, sexgenre, meeting and total age.

2) Random moving and meeting regulations, where to start, where to aim, how long the movement lasts, when meeting is possible. Moving leaves visual trail behind, so I need to specify its parameters: how long, time when visible, colour, shape

3) Meeting produces a new ant, parameters for it like the parents have.

4) Parameters for the background and overall visualisation


I have some ideas to produce background image with the new NB and try to make the movement look like 3D, so ant size and trail width is related to the “distance” from the startind point. 


Frederik gave me some code to start (thx Fred!), here some examples: