Does sex matter?

By Kari Ojapelto — 

I added some graphic design on the technical basement/code made yesterday. “Ants” are moving, meeting and creating new “ants”. Their movement is affecting to the environment/background building new visual approaches randomly. I added also some text to describe the scenery. Ants don’t have sex yet or any parameters that gives hint of the sex-genre. Today Frederik made some 3D-code to play with. I don’t know if there is any need for more colours or changing parameters. At this point for me the visual development is interesting enough. Thanks to the NodeBox you’re able to play with the amount of starting ants, overall speed, ant speed, colours, shapes etc. there is so a lot of parameters to play with.


I’m really reaching the original idea of coincidental meetings that I had in my mind. Of course sex-parameters could be interesting to get from webdatabases to create visually mixed new ants and give them computer generated names or show which ant is male and which female. Workshop presentation is on Friday, so I think that I’m not able to add those values. So let the ants have fun together whether their sex is or what kind of new ants they ‘re creating.


Here you can see 2d- and two 3d-movies where my meetings are at this point.