Unia -headings

By Taina — 


The images above are headings in my dream diary. I usually draw texts with a date, either “Unia” (“dreams”, partitive case), “Unet” (dreams, accusative case) or “Dreams” since I mostly dream in Finnish or English. I guess I just wanted to post this to show that in a way, I already have a system of visualising dreams - at least to draw attention to where a new night’s dreams start, and to make variations with relatively few elements just for fun. I’ve sometimes thought that I could make a font or something that would make those kinds of variations, and now that I understand a little about NodeBox it might be the program for this, but maybe it would take the fun out of my quick morning ritual?


These are all images or types of images I might use. I tried to change some into png files and it’s a bit frustrating to see how bad the line looks like when you look at it really close. I almost feel like starting to vectorize which might be a bit too time-consuming considering that scanning and editing took me several hours.


I have a feeling that I cannot use the teachers’ expertise enough because I don’t understand the program very well. I’ve become really interested in everything that has come up but don’t have the time and energy to focus on everything, not even to keep up with other people’s projects.

Here’s a little mindmap for myself for the morning