Fortune Favours The Bold

By paul — 

.. is how the saying goes. And I think that, despite some glitches, and elements that I am not totally happy with, the resulting images are quite bold and impactful, so at least one aspect has gone according to plan! Otherwise, as mentioned in previous blogs, there are things that took much longer than expected, elements that I would like to redraw, elements that I would like to add, and variables that I would like to toy with.. so my Nodebox experience is not over yet! But I’ve really enjoyed learning the program, and seeing everyone else’s interesting ideas, and the experience has definitely improved my Photoshop skills (despite evidence to the contrary). It has also really opened my eyes to the possibilities of generative art. Despite the odd glitch, a majority of my images have rendered in ways that I have found surprising and pleasing - a success! It has been interesting trying to find a balance between randomised events, and the designers instinctive desire for control, but I’m sorry I haven’t had more time to play with the possibilities of generated symmetrys (however, I’m sure the long Finnish nights will allow me time for this in the months to come, if I’m not too busy catching up on all the links on my comrade’s blogs, or watching Zardoz on a loop..). My horoscope generator has just enough variables to provide interesting images, but there is obviously room for a lot more. I’m pleased with my final results, but it’s perhaps a shame that the need for a significant basic level of content, due to the format, has limited my time to play with other aspects of the program.. .. it would have been nice to add some text too. And maybe a Songsmith soundtrack? Okay, so perhaps it’s better just to leave this project where it is.. :)