The end or the beginning

By Taina — 


The image above is an example view from the dream diary. I assume it’s pretty clear since I’ve shown sketches before. I thought a changing part could be adding a hand-drawn heading to each dream while rest of the text would be typed in.

I haven’t gotten very far with the technical side of the dream diary and have been thinking about the elements and categories. Therefore I decided to make coincidental art with NodeBox in ways that I have learnt, using parts from my paintings and drawings. I extracted little parts from larger very detailed works and coincidentally things came out that weren’t there originally! I’m always doing that when I’m drawing, things just start to appear (similar to broccoli heads) on the paper/canvas… So in the middle of a painting full of plants and colours, I found puppies, a frog and a tree spirit, at least that’s what they look like to me - something trippy that might be part of a children’s book illustration. I used paths drawn in Illustrator (following some lines of the background forest) to place the elements, so they vary and can be made into a movie (there are two examples with pretty much the same script):

Coincidental art

Another one

To me, the movies look like windy autumn sceneries. I think with some experimenting and tweaking I could make interesting illustrations by re-using images and parts of images in NodeBox. I love drawing and painting by hand and am not convinced that computer-made images based on hand-drawn drawings can ever look as interesting as the original ones but I’m curious to explore. At least improved versions could become parts of animations, little games and web media (and the dream diary when it’s animated in the way that I imagine it to be, kind of organically moving and changing).

Here you can see the elements in the movie clips above:


Rather than something only going on for two weeks to which I’ll never return, this has been a beginning in some ways. I’ve learnt about NodeBox and coding a little, and I’ve been able to explore thoughts and ideas I’ve had on my mind for a long time, for example, dreams and coincidence. It’s been a fascinating workshop!