The Story of the Plastic Bag

By Lucas Nijs — 

Here’s the story I told you at the beginning of the workshop. For Paul and Benoit this is new, but that does not matter…

In bold is the transcript of the story, in italic are some second (or third) thoughts and the regular type “wraps” the story.

On my way to the bus  (that would take me to the airport where a plane would take me to another airport and another bus would take me to another car that would take me to my appartment in Lahti) I was driving my car. On the road in front of me I see a plastic bag. Like this:


Of course I avoided hitting the bag (who knows what people throw away in bags!) and steered my car nicely over the bag. (If the bag looks like a rabbit this is pure coincidence, it was a plastic bag!)

Curious, as anyone would be, I looked in my rear mirror to see it again and was expecting to see this:


To my surprise, it looked like this:


The bag was gone! It must have been taken by some nut or some bolt from my car, and I was probably shlepping an unknown thing along my path. I checked my rear mirror constantly to see the bag appear again eventually but that did not happen. Arriving at the bus station where my wife took over I checked the bottom of the car: nothing!

So far for the story. Now I told you then that the story had nothing to do with the workshop (sincerely) but that after all (that means now) it might appear to have everything to do with the workshop (sincerely). Of course you could explain this story like if it was (for instance) a dream…

The driver of course  is you. The road leads to your destiny. The bag, not a box, is some kind of thing you consider at first as having no value, as waste, as something nobody else wants and you want to avoid it too. Coincidently you pick it up anyway… Etc


Now if I would have made up this story I would have told you at the end of the workshop wouldn’t I? Instead of waiting a couple of days and then revealing the meaning, right?

Unless I wanted to deliberately make you think it was a coincidence of course…

Actually: does it matter?


I wish to thank you all for having so enthousiastically participated and hope you have learned alot. I’m sure we will meet again, by coincidence or not.

One last thing: is it a coincidence this story has exactly 2009 characters? I mean exactly 2009 characters. Holy Moses, isn’t that amazing and a true coincidence?


Lucas Nijs