Introducing Patterns of Data

By Frederik De Bleser — 

Each SMS we receive, each Facebook event we attend and every web search we do is captured for eternity. It’s as if our existence can be reduced to an endless stream of numbers. What if we could visualize this data and discover patterns in the chaos?

During this workshop, we’ll use a new tool well suited for visualizing data. Through a visual, node-based approach, we’ll create interesting and unique visualizations that evolve and react on varying input. We’ll learn how to capture, prepare, visualize and refine data. The end result will be a poster with a visualization around a self-chosen theme. Enterprising students can even create data animations (“datamations”).

This workshop is for designers new to NodeBox and data visualization. We will learn to look at data differently, and gain insight in how to create new and interesting designs.

Data is taking over your life. It’s time to take control.

This workshop takes place in the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland from 16 to 27 May.