First Ideas

By Lucia — 

I want to make a visualization about the demonstrations there where last weekend in Spain in 60 cities against the political system and the economic crisis.

I would like to make lines with unemployment levels in each region coming up in the last three years and end these lines end up in last weekend, with the demonstrations data.

For the data, I have a huge list of what people shouted and I´m looking for the exact number of assistants to the demonstrations in each city. I´m not sure I will find this because is very recent, although I found a company that counts. There´s nothing published in their web yet.

If I manage to do what I wanted, the result would be a bunch of flowers that would remind of  the Carnation Revolution of Portugal in 1974. In twitter I heard that the demonstrations last weekend where specifically pacifist and people where prepared with carnations to throw to the police if they try to repress the demonstrators.