Team Rocket: Moving forward

By Frederik De Bleser — 

We’ve been trying to solve the problem how to visualise height and weight of different objects at the same time, without losing any information or making it look messy.

Pokemons are in order of weight. Their colour and position on the chart indicate how heavy they are. Right now we’re losin the difference in height caused by the fact that it’s not easy to compare their size when not next to each other.

This is where pokemons are depicted on the x and y axis. This creates a problem between pokemons with similar height and weight. Also we again lose the smallest values on the chart.

This is the most accurate chart we have so far. Different pokemons are more easy to spot out and their differences are more clear. In the chart they go from lightest to heaviest and are the right proportion to each other. We are going to be adding text about their names and their weight and height.