Occupy Wall Street, Arrested People - Final Poster

By Andrea Zanchetta — 

Main themes

The poster describes the distribution and the "weight" of every tweet posted in 2011 between November 12nd and November 17th, talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement and the arrested protesters. During these days 200 persons were arrested in Tuesday 15nd and then 300 in Thursday 17th.

Each tweet is rapresented by the Twitter logo and the position of each tweet is based on the moment of the tweet (hours and minutes on Y axis) and on the polarity of the sentiment (negative or positive on X axis).
Each tweet is defined by its own keyword, extracted by concepts using the Pattern Lib and, for the most relevant ones, there is also the complete Twitter text. The more a tweet is re-tweetted, the more is bigger.

Some consideration on Twitter behavior

The most re-tweetted tweets are those with neutral polarity, probably because Twitter users prefer to re-tweet concepts without positive or negative connotations, or "facts" if you prefer.

The largest number of tweets there was in Tuesday and Thursday, when the number of arrested also grown up, showing a higher density of information during these two days.

It seems that events, or news, have a sort of "expiration date". After the very dense twitting day of Tuesday (200 arrested), twitter users caml down in Wednesday (none arrested) and than raise during the next day (300 arrested).