Faces of Data, 21-26 November 2011, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

A large part of the human brain is concerned with recognizing faces. It is so good at it that we sometimes see faces when they are not there (like Jesus in a jar of peanut butter). We can immediately recognize friends and family, and can spot celebrities from meters away.

Data, also has many faces. It can be represented as a boring table of facts or as a beautiful, interactive visualization. It can be irrelevant and abstract or very personal, such as a timeline of your actions on Facebook.

This workshop relates the human face to a data set of your choice. We will learn techniques that allow extracting information from pixel data and mapping data on top of faces (but also the other way around!). We'll use old-school and generative techniques.

We will use a new tool that is ideally suited for this type of work. The EMRG in Antwerp have been developing NodeBox for a while, and we'll use the latest version, NodeBox 2, to create this project.

The end result will be a portrait cabinet: a collection of portraits, each created using your own custom "filter". Enterprising students can also create data animations.