Superbowl Most Valuable Brand (MVB)

By twoguysonenodebox — 

For our project we want to do something with the TV commercials that ran during the superbowl. We are going to analyse all the tweets that were sent out during the superbowl that were about the brands (43) and their commercials.

We want to show which brand was most talked about by looking at the overall tweets, but also what brand or commercial was most loved by looking at the sentiment in the tweets. (positive vs. negative tweets)

And we determine the overall winner by combining most tweets and sentiment.

So we end up with 3 rankings: most talked about, most loved and the overall winner.

We also would like to categorize the brands to analyse even further. This could also be useful for our color palette as well. 43 colors might be to much.

We already collected all the main data we need to do this. Right now we're looking at the categories and the best way to visualise all the data.