Classic adventure game walkthrough

By toni — 

Here is the more or less final version of the visualization. It’s a walkthrough guide to the adventure game “Day of the Tentacle”. data comes from one CVS (all the text) and one SVG (the blueprint of the mansion) file.

I made the Nodebox then dynamically arrange the data to the elements, and indicate the colors to the blueprint and in the chart so that they match correctly.

the reading of the visualization starts from the gap in the circle, and continues clockwise, line by line. each line tells reader three things:
(1) which playable character does  (2) what action and (3) where

old post:

Working with the visuals, but the idea is to use data from the walkthrough instructions of a classic 2d adventure game, and build a poster visualization out of that.
The main variables would be: Characters, Items, Places, Verbs.
The visualization would basically show at once all the choices (connections between variables) player needs to make in order to complete the game.