Chris & Niel - Step 1

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Since both of us have origins from another country than Canada, the question of our subject is a common interest: What are the dominant ethnic origins which Canadian identify themselves the most according on their ancestors? Since we know that Canada is a multicultural country, we want to see what are the differences in the composition of ethnic identities by provinces and main cities.

DAY 1: We found a lot of data talking about this subject in Canada and it was a challenge for us to interpret it giving that people could identify themselves into multiple ethnic groups. As a result, the total amount of answers are bigger than the 31 million people living in Canada. What we first thought it was a problem it’s now determining the direction of our concepts. The data that we are using comes from the last census of Canada made in 2006, found on the official statistics Canada website.

DAY 2: We starting of the day by learning a little more about data visualization in Nodebox and we must say that we found it very inspiring, though a little intimidating!
The afternoon was spend in sketching a few concepts and we were happy to finally start getting our hand dirty. A couple of good ideas, still in process, have started to come out! The week is flowing by very fast. The last two days have been very productive, but we still have a lot of work to do!