Day 2... - Marie-Ève Guidi & Hugo Joseph

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##How much place do the cars take in Canada ?##

We’ll try to answer our question by looking up to the statistics about vehicles in each provinces. More precisely by types of cars. (passengers cars, SUV, Trucks, Buses…)

It will also be interesting to see who’s driving those cars (based on the driver’s sex) and how old are the vehicles on the roads of Canada. Right now, we still need to skim all the datas we have (over 15 files).

Would it be interesting to see the density of cars compare to the density of people, based on the size on the province ?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the URL to the Open Data Canada’s website anymore, but we’ll update them later for sure - Only the useful ones -.

Still a lot to do but can’t wait to see how we can process the datas into NodeBox, maybe it will lead us to new ideas for visual content…