Once Upon a Tree...

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How diverse are the urban trees of Montreal, which neighbourhood is greener? Which tree species are mostly occurring in Montreal?

For a long while, Montreal’s urbanism didn’t take into account urban trees, in fact in its expansion up until the sixties, there weren’t much trees to be seen around town, except for parks. Here are some striking before & after photos showing this.   Nowadays, Montreal is way greener and the city even has a tree policy. Urban trees have many benefits, to name a few, they help structure the landscape, they improve air quality, they are good for the economy and they are part of our heritage.   Urban trees of Montreal are now geolocated, identified by species and measured cyclically. In a set of data collected by the city of Montreal, we chose to illustrate tree diversity and the relative abundance of trees for every neighbourhood. Also, we would like to give an overall view of the affluence of urban trees in the city of Montreal.