Where are the criminals? - Step 1

By Gabriel and Mario — 

Where are the criminals?

Precisely, where do criminal acts occur in Canada?

What are the most recurrent crimes? And lastly, did the criminal rate increase over the years?

Those are the questions that will be answered and demonstrated through data visualisation for our project. The subject was decided on the first day after a lot of research and, in accordance to the website provided for databases. We feel that this subject resonates with people and, if visualized correctly, could be of good use.

The actual data used for the project can been seen on Data Canada.

For the sake of “neutrality”, we decided to convert our data into percentage of crime per habitant because we can predict that the criminal rate has a direct correlation with population size.

Lastly, we explored many ways of visualizing the data and will try to ameliorate and refine two of those options, one whom uses proximity and distance as intensity and the other one, drawing a criminal profile for each province and then redefining it’s territory with the profile.

We are eager to see how the process continues, and especially how NodeBox will shape and structure our way of working and the final output.

Mario & Gabriel