Day 4 - Busy production morning

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Is there a different dominant ethnic group in every provinces? What about mains cities across Canada? Those are the questions we seek to answer with our data visualization.

The production has started! As soon as we clean our data, we’ll be able to start to visualized it in Nodebox. Nodebox seems to be a great software, but we just have to understand it well enough to be able to do what we have in mind. Even though it is very intuitive, we had to get familiarized with the terms and the way the nodes worked. There are two main challenge: first to be able to understand the data that we collect and finding a concept that illustrate what we want to say with those data. Then, it’s the “making of” in Nodebox. Not knowing at first if the concept that we choose is possible to produce in Nodebox makes is hard to apprehend. Still, we are having fun discovering the possibilities!

PROBLEMATIQUE: 224 pays > 13 provinces > 20 cities