Final sprint

By Cyrus, Emmanuel and Emilie — 

Today, print test, fine tuning and finding the best solutions, here is the resume of our project:

Our research revolves around the expenses that the federal government incurs regarding different cultural fields in each province. We are interested in these culture-related expenses because we believe that, with the budget cuts voted by the current governement, it is necessary to pay further attention to it.

This project allows us to evaluate, on a four-year basis, how the government’s budget is distributed according to the territory. The research results reveal how unequal the budget proportions are, since they are dependent of the territorial surface areas.

The interest of our cartogram lies in its capacity to illustrate micro-variations in the governments’ budgets over time.

Finally, NodeBox was the biggest part to tame, mostly when we need to understand the structure and learn how too do it instead of just doing a ‘‘copy-paste’’ for the nodes in the exemple.

The team were well balanced because of the forces of each others in the different sphere of production like: typography, layout, ‘‘coding’’, excel, etc.